Save The Uncle

Diamonds or various rewards appear on Save The Uncle's journey. You need to save the uncle who is in danger. There are giant spiders and traps along the way. Each pin is the key that opens the life of the uncles. ABCya free games suggest new ways to play for online players. Please pull these pins correctly. Relax with the different difficulty versions that the game suggests to the player. Monsters appear in front of each door.

Can you destroy them in this game? Choose a new way to play to enjoy the moment of winning new online games with favorite themes. You are not bothered by ads or game loading speed. Look up the order in which the pins are removed until you find your way to the correct door. Completed the game excellently today. We help you find a new game space with a variety of challenges. Unlock online game options at Some pitfalls appear. The player can move the rocks to fill them up. Choose our challenging journey with the gameplay you can't miss.

Which game do you want to share with your friends? Become a skilled online player in this amazing puzzle game. We suggest many new versions for players to experience. Who will become the best player to top the online rankings? Choose new ways to play until you pass now. Countless players have completed the quest of the online game world we introduced. At the end of each journey, the uncle can save his life partner. Expand your ride and get ready with new options now. We help players complete special online challenges. Find a way to win countless similar games in this game theme such as  Red Ball Bounce and Side Defense 


Instruction to play:

Controls: Use the left mouse button to remove the pins