Starjack .io

One of the most awesome multiplayer online game StarJack .io is looking for the greatest strategists to join the battle and claim the highest title. The moment you start building the units, you can expand your own universe and take control of the other planets. By attaining a large number of spaceships, you will be able to send them to attack the new targets. At the beginning of this abcya 4 free game, your universe is covered by dark clouds.

As you progress further and expand your universe, the cloud will move further and open up more space for you to expand. Because your universe expands, you automatically become a threat to the other players. Therefore, it's also crucial to use different kinds of technology to protect your base. If you are confident, you can even try to take them all by surprise. The players who own many spaceships and planets will be able to harvest more energy and have higher chances of invading the opponent's universe.

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Instruction to play:

Choose the target and invade the planets by interacting with the left mouse.