Stunt Racers Extreme

Let's dash like a crazy stunt master while riding the beautifully designed tracks with many exciting hurdles in Stunt Racers Extreme free game! In order to become the best player, you need to speed up and drive as fast as you can on a track which is filled with ramps, loops and dangerous spots. Moreover, you need to perform some amazing stunts to earn money in this game for kids from abcya 2 free.

Another way to earn money is to collect the scattered coins all over the field. You can use these coins to buy better vehicles and the equipment at the garage to have an advantage over your opponents. You can also change the camera mode to suit your preferences and enjoy the drive through the cities. There will be some narrow roads which look impossible to drive. However, you can use the different camera views to make driving through those roads easier.

Don't miss out on the stunning graphics and the realistic thrilling sensation as you race through the tracks at lightning fast speed. Different from other car stunt games, this off-road race is going to be a real adventure for the daring players. There are many racing games such as Cartoon Mini Racing and Furious Road at for you and your friends!

Instruction to play:

Use arrow keys or W, A, S, D to drive, use the space to handbrake, C to change the camera and change the view by dragging the mouse.