Have you ever heard of the game Toasterball? Instead of playing a tennis game with ordinary bats, you will use the toaster to hit the ball. Each of the players will control a toaster of his own. There are two players in one match and the ultimate goal is to protect the gate and prevent the opponent from scoring.

When you push a button, abcya 2 releases a ball to start the match. Once the ball starts bouncing all over the field, it's crucial to aim properly and make the toaster jump. Only jumping up in the perfect timing will you be able to block the ball. There is a red button on top of the gate. When the ball hits that button, the gate will automatically open up a little more, which makes the player more vulnerable to attack. Therefore, keep an eye for that button to gain your advantage and protect yourself. As you progress in a match, you can even shoot a bread to hit the ball.

However, be very careful with the direction that you choose to shoot. The game comes with cute and lovely graphics and you will not be bothered by the slow loading speed or any malfunction. Moreover, this game is available for two players to enjoy at More and more multiplayer games like Touchdown Rush and Stack Jump are also the great choices for your free time. Let's dive into the game now!

Instruction to play:

Controls: Player 1 plays with S and F keys, Player 2 plays with left and right arrows.