Chrome Dino Run

With a dinosaur in an endless desert, players participating in Chrome Dino Run will conquer and win many challenges. You may be familiar with this browser game when you lost your life, however, this is your chance to win on your new journey at Each player is ready for special journeys. What is your favorite game space today? Your goal is to avoid cacti. Each time you jump over a cactus, you will get one point. Become the best in this game and show off your skills to your friends by scoring the highest score. There are six different dinosaur characters inside this game. You can unlock these characters if you get enough points.

Check the dino selection screen for more details. The dinosaur has become a familiar image for you to remember about this game. Train your quick reflexes and overcome obstacles in the desert with a skill that you have trained over many turns. The cactus clusters will be more and more and arranged closest to each other. With great choices, you can overcome them and become the best player on any journey. Share your gameplay with other friends if you love our special game world. There are countless new games to choose from and relax after every hour of work or study stressful.

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Instruction to play:

LEFT-CLICK to jump over cacti